Packaged & Shipped from USA

Due to our facility's hard work and local partnerships within our local area, we assemble, test, package and ship any order within 48 hours of placement.

Count on us for products that perform flawlessly and arrive in perfect condition, every time.

Shop with Confidence! You're backed by:

  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Quality Inspection on Every Product
  • 2-Day Assembly, Testing, & Packaging
  • Product Upgrades & Surprise Gifts
  • Safety CPC/CPSC Certified
  • Returns Accepted
  • Free Shipping for Subscribers

Professional Quality Inspection Process

We don't guess if your product works, we know it does!

  • Upgraded Battery from our Warehouse Selection
  • Thick Plastic with Stronger Designs
  • Crafted from Strong ABS Plastic & Material
  • Low-Voltage Fault & Load Testing
  • Function Controller Testing
  • Certified Child Product Certificate [CPC]
  • Fully Charged Battery [See listing if applicable]

90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

If your toy does not work for any reason, simply send it back within 90 days for a full refund or replacement!

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A percentage of your purchase goes directly to Supporting Children Advocates known as Guardians Ad Litem – the Real-Life Superheroes who Speak Up for Children going through some of the Most Horrific Life Experiences.

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